Dominica Records is a music and audio production company that specializes in documentaries, films, short films and podcasts.

We’re based in Bogotá, Colombia, but we also produce material for other countries such as U.S., France and Germany.

Our job focuses on translating stories into sound and music, always with the highest quality standards and looking to make our clients ideas stand out.

Our service portfolio includes music composition, producción, mix and mastering; as well as dialogue cleaning and editing, sound design, and final audio mixing.

It’s really important for us to build the idea of each project with our clients, so that the message is fully enjoyed by the audience to which it was designed for.



Lorenzo funda Dominica después de estudiar música e ingeniería de sonido en Colombia. Gracias a su experiencia en mezcla y masterización de música y postproducción de audio para piezas audiovisuales, aporta el complemento ideal para ofrecer toda la cadena de producción de sonido.


Después de estudiar producción musical en Inglaterra, Alejandro vuelve a formar Dominica. Con su experiencia en composición y producción de música para proyectos audiovisuales, trae un componente cinematográfico al proyecto.