Dominica Records is a young company with years of experience. Even though this sounds impossible, is due to the fact that we’ve been doing this for some time now, but we decided to join efforts and talents and offer the whole range of audio services, from music composition, to audio post production and mixing.

This association is a mean to really do what makes us happy: making soulful, beautiful music and breathtaking sound.

This way, you only need to worry about telling us what’s on your mind, and let us take care of everything that goes into your ears.

We love organic music, played with as many real instruments as possible. The industry has a tendency to use software instruments to make music affordable. We believe we can do the same, playing real ones. This will ensure your project really stands out


Lorenzo funda Dominica después de estudiar música e ingeniería de sonido en Colombia. Gracias a su experiencia en mezcla y masterización de música y postproducción de audio para piezas audiovisuales, aporta el complemento ideal para ofrecer toda la cadena de producción de sonido.


Después de estudiar producción musical en Inglaterra, Alejandro vuelve a formar Dominica. Con su experiencia en composición y producción de música para proyectos audiovisuales, trae un componente cinematográfico al proyecto.